Ed. by: Barbara Kapusta, Jenni Tischer and Rocco Pagel

Design: studio VIE

En./Ger., 84 pages, multi-part, bound by hand, numerous illustrations in color, 21,5 x 30,5 cm, eight different softcovers designed by the participating artists

Prize: 35€ (including digital artist publication). 


Available at: Motto Books Berlin, Walther König Buchhandlung Vienna, Salon für Kunstbuch Vienna, Lia Wolf Vienna

With contributions from Daniel Heinrich, Kathi Hofer, Barbara Kapusta, Ulrike Köppinger, Katrin Mayer, Ulrike Müller, Rocco Pagel, Jenni Tischer and texts by Jorella Andrews and Oona Lochner

In addition to the publication we are happy to release a digital publication including exhibition views of Dinge und Dialoge at Scriptings Berlin as well as eight artist contributions.

The publication Dinge und Dialoge explores the relationship between the material character of things and the physical existence of the observer. The individual contributions in the publication as well as in the exhibition with the same title, that was realized at Scriptings Berlin from December 2015 until January 2016, raise questions about the particular, unique standpoint from which we can speak and perceive. The artists and writers examine the possibilities of seeing differences in objects, recognizing an object as something distinct and our  capacity of seeing and comprehending. The publication traces the proposition that where everyday objects and art objects concur, due to their similarities and differences, their status becomes productive.